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At Sister Island Oysters, we grow hand raised, local oysters using sustainable farming methods in the pristine, cold waters of Maine.

Our oysters are not only an excellent source of nutrients, but they also provide significant ecosystem services. Like many bivalves, oysters are very efficient at filtering the ocean water they inhabit. A single oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day, promoting the growth of critical marine habitats such as eelgrass beds. In addition to cleaning our ocean, oysters also provide habitat to many commercially important species here in Maine - such as lobster and sea bass.

The environmental benefits of oyster farming was a major driver in the creation of Sister Island Oysters. But this farm is a culmination of our many passions, including spending time on the beautiful Gulf of Maine, sustainable food production, and increasing recognition for women in workplaces where we have historically been misrepresented. 

As we continue to grow our oysters and our company, we will continue to collaborate with our community and use our farm as an educational tool to demonstrate the role shellfish aquaculture plays in boosting our blue economy. 

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