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Sister Island Oysters sits off the rocky shore of a small island in Freeport, ME. We chose to name our farm after this beautiful location, that has become so special to us both, but the name honors so much more. It honors a tried and true friendship, a sisterhood that has endured 25+ years and has brought us to where we are today.


We first met in pre-k and became fast friends. We both grew up in Hamilton, Massachusetts just five minutes from each other and from the ocean; and we spent every minute together. Whether we were exploring the rocky shores of northern Massachusetts or giggling at school dances, we were inseparable. We sang in school meetings, called each other to match outfits for school, crashed family vacations, and wrote love notes to boys that we never would send. Our friendship remained that way until 6th grade when circumstances led us separate ways and over the years we grew apart. But the universe had a different plan. 


It knew that between the ages of 11 and 29, we would live separate, but parallel lives. It knew we would seek adventure, and pursue degrees in environmental studies and marine biology. It knew we would both end up in Portland, Maine, and it knew that by the age of 30 we would reconnect and start our own oyster farm. 


meet the team

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anna parker

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Anna has a background in Anthropology and Environmental Studies. She has worked as an environmental educator and a scuba instructor for years and is now the Communications Specialist for the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. Anna is passionate about building connections between people and places and is very interested in the role that community plays in supporting conservation. She lives in Portland, with her dog, Archie, and her five chickens. For Anna, Sister Island Oysters is about being able to work on the ocean while increasing visibility for women in the industry.


dana wilfahrt

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Dana has a background in Psychology and Marine Biology, ocean exploration, sailing, marine debris research, animal husbandry, and ethical and sustainable business practice. She is currently working toward a master's from Southern New Hampshire University in Organizational Leadership, farming Sister Island Oysters, working in HR for ReVision Energy, and focusing on a passion in oil painting. Dana loves everything about marine exploration and is thrilled to use Sister Island Oysters as a way to be on the water while focusing on a sustainable, local source of food.

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